Breast Enlarging Pills – Do They Really Work?

Breast enlarging pills have long been an attractive alternative to breast augmentation surgery for women. These herbal breast enlargement pills are said to increase breast size because they help to produce estrogen in the body. This helps breasts to get bigger naturally although the effects may only be seen over weeks or months of medication.

Herbs contained in breast pills include herbs like Fenugreek, Dong Quai, L-Tyrosine and Fennel. Do these breast enlarging pills really work or are they just scams by unscrupulous companies out to cheat your money? Seeing that there are no FDA approved breast enlargement pills, one might think that they are dangerous and useless.

A lot depends on which brand of herbal breast pills you purchase. Some of these breast enlarging pills are created with a poor concoction of ingredients and simply do not work to increase your bust size. Not all pills for breast enlargement are made equal as you will soon find out.

While natural breast enlarging pills are made out of herbs, there is no definitive evidence to show that they are 100% safe for each person. Some of the cheap breast enlargement pills do not contain ingredients like progesterone, which is important to counteract the effect of estrogen upon the uterus and prevents uterine cancer.

However, there are thousands of women who have experienced positive results: they did grow bigger breasts naturally by taking the top breast enlargement pills out there. But for every
woman who reports a a growth in breast size, there are others who claim that breast enlarging pills have done absolutely nothing to help them get bigger breasts.

In essence, results will vary according to each woman’s health and body. The only way to find out if breast enlarging pills work is to buy a few bottles and start taking them for at least a month before deciding to discontinue using them or not. This is the only way to confirm if breast enlargement pills really do work or not.

The best breast enlarging pills out there may do wonders for a woman and nothing for another so this is an important point to take note of. In general, some women have claimed to have gotten less than an inch of growth from eating breast enlarging pills. A few rare ones have reported changing an entire cup size (from A to B or B to C) although this are rare cases.

As a natural breast enhancement method, breast enlarging pills offer mixed results. Some users have reported growth in breast sizes but have noted that they tend to lose whatever they gained, which indicates that even the best breast enlargement pills may not offer long term results.

Guidelines for Taking Breast Enlargement Pills

While using breast enlarging pills you should carefully follow the instructions given in order to maximize its effects. Take a good amount of protein everyday and eat less carbohydrates in order to help you better absorb the nutrients from the herbal breast enlargement pills.

Follow the dosage recommended religiously and do not stop taking the breast enlarging pills unless you experience severe discomfort. After taking the pills for a month, measure your breasts and take note of any growth.

If you see no results, this particular breast enlargement pill may not work for you. You should then drop the pills entirely and perhaps try a different brand or
type of breast enlarging pills.

The best advice I can offer you is that breast enlarging pills work for some people and not for others. A lot depends on one’s physiology and reactiveness to herbs. The only way to find out is to try them. If you’re interested in natural breast enhancement, give herbal breast pills a chance. They might work for you or they might not. Good luck!

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