How to Really Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery – 6 Ways that Work!

Yes, there are ways to get bigger breasts without surgery. Methods include natural breast enlargement pills, natural breast enlargement exercises as well as creams and breast pumps that claim to be able to help make breasts bigger without surgery.

If plastic surgery is not an option, these natural breast enlargement techniques are the only way you can get bigger breasts naturally. Learning what makes breasts bigger is the first step before you decide on any particular method.

Your breast size is determined by the volume of fat tissues, glandular tissue and the mass of the pectoral muscle behind it. As the breast is largely made up of adipose tissue, its size will
change over time especially when a girl grows during puberty or when she enters pregnancy. Weight gain or loss will also affect the size of your breast.

The menstrual cycle may also affect the size of a woman’s breasts, especially when there is premenstrual water retention. A side effect of the oral contraceptive pill often leads to an noticeable increase in bust size as well.

Here are the 6 main ways you can get bigger breasts without surgery:

1. Natural Breast Enlargement Pills and Creams

These usually consists of natural breast enlargement herbs such as Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Pueraria and Mexican Wild Yam. These herbal breast enhancers work by increasing the oestrogen level in the body, thereby causing the development of new breast tissue.

The same goes for natural breast enlargement creams which claim to be able to seep into the skin and help you get bigger breasts from within. Research has not yet revealed the long term effects of oestrogen stimulation.

2. Wearing a Breast Pump or Vacuum Cup

Breast suction cups or vacumum devices can help to stimulate the increase of breast size, although you will need to wear it for at least 10 hours a day and a few months before you can see any results. They work by sucking out the air near the breast, causing a pressure while mildly pulls your breast tissue constantly.

This causes it to stretch out and get an increase in volume. Some users have reported increases of 1 cup size after months of use although this does not appear to be a permanent solution. When you stop using the breast pumps, your breasts may go back to its original state. Brava System is the most popular breast vacuum pump around and it costs a few hundred dollars.

3. Gain Weight

One of the easiest ways to immediate see a difference in your bust size is to put on weight. There is no special food for bigger breasts: the main thing that works is the increase of weight and fatty tissue around the breasts. If you are very skinny, this is a great way to make your breasts grow bigger. However, if you are already on the plump side this might not be a viable option.

4. Take Birth Control Pills

Do birth control pills really help you get bigger breasts without surgery? From the feedback of many women I know, it does work wonders. Consult your doctor and ask for birth control pills. Take them for a month or two and evaluate the results.

If you don’t see results, you can either switch to another type of pill or just discontinue using it. Birth control pills are an inexpensive way to get bigger breasts without surgery but do note that they may have side effects.

5. Become Pregnant

On the flip side, pregnancy is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to get larger breasts. Almost every single woman who becomes pregnant increases their bust size, sometimes by a cup or two. Some women have reported that they get bigger breasts permanently even after pregnancy. It does happen, although certainly not for everyone.

6. Do Exercises for Bigger Breasts

Natural breast exercises is by far the safest way to increase your bust size. You don’t need to eat any pills or use any creams. The downside is that massaging breasts does not always help it grow bigger. As always, results may vary for each person.

Here are some of the exercises you can do: Press your palms together in front of your chest, hold it for a few seconds before releasing and then repeating the hold again. After which, grab each of your opposite forearms and pull outwards and holding before repeating for 10 to 15 times.

You can also try massaging your breasts every night before sleeping. Get your boyfriend or husband to give you a breast massage, this may often lead to a sexy and fun time in bed!

For more tips for bigger breasts check out the rest of this website. You’ll find some tactics on how to get bigger breasts naturally without surgery. Hopefully this will help you fulfill your goal of increasing your bust size!

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